1800 painting study master portrait profile woman ink and screentone sketch

Playing with different sized screentones here, as well as throwing a “core shadow” in there to help the transition between white and tone on the skin. Wally Wood did that a lot, I’ve been trying to workout how to do it in my own work.

The face is pretty soft, and trying to render the hair with the braids was fun (that’s a challenge I would normally not take, hah).

I’ve been looking into how I can use things like this to influence my work, or even as reference to make new, finished things. Lawd, new finished pieces! I can barely imagine.

Side note, this is the closest I’ve felt to a LiveJournal feel in years. I’ve enjoyed this new website update where I’ve had to “post” everything (also, maybe might help with some SEO too, better than my last site with all the images just on one page, hah).