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  • Panasonic KP-4A Pencil Sharpener Review

    Panasonic KP-4A Pencil Sharpener in Black

    I waffle in between different sharpeners all the time. I loved the KUM Automatic 2 Step Longpoint sharpener for quite a while, but it gets weird sometimes and can snap tips off of my perfectly pointed pencil. Most hand crank sharpeners are annoying and not very portable friendly. I like my Panasonic KP-350, and I also enjoyed my KP-110, so maybe a portable electric is the ticket?

    Watching the 10 Years with Hayao Miyazaki documentary also really got me jonesing for a portable electric sharpener. He’s just all business with it, it’s like a totem for him. He reflexively slaps a pencil in there and then gets back at it without a second thought, in my mind making it even easier to get to creating with little distractions. Most of the ones today look uncool as all get out, and even then the Panasonic KP-4A I bought off of eBay doesn’t look as cool as the ones he uses, but it’s still cooler than most. Well, that’s not the whole story.

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  • King Kitty

    black cat kitty king illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    I made an edition of 45 of this kitty. That is the largest edition I’ve ever made, using Legion Stonehenge cotten rag paper and I printed these bad boys by hand. This is based off of a inktober piece I did years ago that I made prints of that always sold, so I figured a screenprint of it would be a good idea. Some things turned out amazing, some things got lost, and I think that might just be how it is sometimes with printmaking, especially DIY at the house stuff. These are for sale for 20$ plus shipping and handling ($5 USD if you are continental USA), shoot me an email or dm me on Instagram and we can work something out.

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  • Cold Breath

    barking head illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    This one came together pretty quick this morning, the most difficulty I had was doing something with the background so the cold breath would pop. I ended up replacing the initial screentone option with the one you see, and I think it worked out for the best. This is a great example of an illustration that originally didn’t have black hair, but I fucked it up so it got some black hair, hah. When in doubt and shit, like Wally said.

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  • Barking Head

    barking head illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    Some of its there, some of its gone, some of it works better in ink and some of it works better as a sketch. So is life. I tried it twice as a pencil version and those didn’t work either. Mother fuckin’ art yo.

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  • Woodcased Pencil Comparison and Master List

    Pencils in a row “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

    Updated Aug. 29, 2023

    Pencils are all consuming monsters of comparison. You can’t help but want to try one against another. The Mitsubishi 9800 is pretty good in HB? Better try to get a B or a 2B. How does it feel compared to the 9800EW in HB? Is it the same core? Is it the same core as the Mitsubishi UniStar HB? How about the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni in HB? How does the Mitsubishi 9800 compare to it’s direct rival, the Tombow 8900 in HB? How does it compare to American pencils like the General’s Kimberly in HB? How does it compare to vintage JIS stock pencils, or defunct no longer in production pencils like the Colleen 2020 in HB, or the Pentel Black Polymer 999 in HB?

    The list goes on. I have two sets of active pencils that I can’t help but flip back and forth through. Checking the merits of each one, especially comparing how they feel from one paper type to the next, and a couple of containers of one off pencils that I can try whenever I’m feeling the itch too. It’s an awful affliction.

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  • Sitting There

    female nude sitting illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    I paused super hard on this series, but I’m back again. Maybe a few more of these and I’ll have enough of them that I like to do a show with. I haven’t done a show in 10 years since I was in college really, at least one of my own. I think that would be fun. Hell to make the frames, but fun.

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  • Chin Down

    floating head illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    I can draw a head in profile facing right, I know you guys were curious.

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  • Cry Baby

    crying floating head with handle bar mustache illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    You better not say nothing about him crying, or he’ll cry some more.

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