Illustrations, Sketches, and Art Supply Reviews

  • Heads and Graphite

    heads and graphite sketch on moleskine sketchbook paper

    My scanner is awful for pencil rendering sadly, its mainly only good for inks.

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  • Wild Texture

    heads and graphite sketch on moleskine sketchbook paper

    My sketchbook used to look a lot more like this in high school. Testing different micron and fountain pen mark making, as well as different inks and if they feather or not. Just making marks.

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  • Satanic Sabrina

    the chilling adventures of Sabrina satan satanic illustration pen and ink

    I’ve tried a couple of times to make this work as a full piece, but this head sketch is the best I’ve done. If they never bring back this effect they are leaving money on the table. It was so badass.

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  • Platinum CF-5000 Weasel Hair Brush Pen Review

    Platinum CF-5000 Fude Brush Pen

    There are a few expensive brush pens out there. The first one I ever got was a Kuretake No. 40 Brush Pen, which is a lot cheaper now, but in 2012 it was $66 big ones from Jet Pens. It worked pretty good for a while too, until the brush tip formed a split. They were kind enough to replace it, but that was a one time thing. After the tip started splitting again, I began looking for alternatives. After months of looking for a decent weasel hair brush pen, and after using a bunch of synthetic haired brush pens and feeling they didn’t have that snap, I find the Platinum CF-5000, what I had hoped would be my holy grail of brush pens.

    Drawing inked with a Platinum CF-5000 brush pen

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  • Mama Bear

    Mama Bear cat illustration pen and ink

    This is Mama Bear, she’s my cat, and she’s the best fucking cat in the world.

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  • Kuretake Brush Pens Overview

    Kuretake Brush Pens, Capped

    At the beginning of me exploring brush pens, I stuck to synthetic bristle or natural hair brush pens. Things like the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Kuretake No. 13, Kuretake No. 40, the Pentel Pigment Brush Pen, and eventually the Platinum CF-5000. I personally love the control of a bristle brush, and finding the perfect one for work on the go drawing and inking filled my pen based passions for a few years.

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  • Self Portrait 2018

    inked drawing self portrait 2018 brush pen screentone halftone

    I did this self portrait for my 30th birthday. That freaked me out a bit for a second. I’m all over that being so scary and weird and new now.

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  • Jason Vorhees

    Jason Vorhees Friday the 13th Illustration ink halftone screentone deleter

    This is based off of the Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason (Jason Lives). First Zombie Jason movie, very fun and very campy.

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