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  • Float Dismember

    Floating dismembered head illustration inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    This is actually pretty small, I should get a picture up here for scale. Sketch that I transfered via lightbox and inked with a pentel pigment ink brush pen, added deleter screentones to it after.

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  • Samantha Study Sketch

    Graphite portrait of Samantha on Paper

    Portrait study of Samantha. Probably the best likeness I’ve gotten in a while. Really happy with this one, unsure if I could have taken it much further without fucking it up so I just stopped. Done a little bit ago, but I have a couple of minutes to update on this Christmas Eve, so Happy Holidays!

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  • Mama Bear Tribute

    Art Piece in honer of My Cat Mama Bear in Graphite on Legion Stonhenge Paper

    I really don’t believe in heaven, but I’d really like to think there’s one for pets. This is a tribute to my cat Mama Bear. We adopted her a little later in her life, so our time with her was a lot shorter than I ever thought it would be. She passed August 14th, 2021 and I don’t think I’ve gone a day without thinking about her since.

    I worked on this a while, maybe too long, so I’m gonna say it’s done for now. I miss you critter.

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  • Head Study 2021

    Head Study in Graphite on Legion Stonhenge Paper

    This is from October, but I had access to a proper scanner that can handle the nuance of graphite (I’m looking into getting something new now). There’s a lot right about this, makes me feel like I’m moving in a good direction. Drawing has been fun again for a while. Before, like 2-3 years ago, it was half fun and half pain and awful I think. If you draw better, its more fun. Who knew?

    Drawn on Stonehenge Paper with way too many different pencils, and reference was used.

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  • Rough Guy

    Rough Guy illustration ink brush screentone

    This guy started off as a sketch, and I transferred it to bristol board with a lightbox. Used a Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen (Medium) with Deleter screentones, and I think this came out pretty good for it not being a naked lady.

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  • Bottom Biscuits

    Nude Woman illustration ass ink brush screentone

    There is plenty of white out on this bad girl, but that’s life.

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  • Nude in Profile Floating

    Nude Woman floating Illustration ink brush screentone

    This one came together so so fast, it felt really great. Every step I thought I was going to fuck it up, because it was so quick, but it all just kinda worked besides one or two mishaps with inking, which that always happens. I’m finally getting a pretty consistent feel for what is going to be a series of pieces for a show. I’ve never done a series of art before, so this is pretty wild. Similar to comics in how visually it needs to look similar, but different.

    We’ll see how it goes, or who will even take all these tiny little nude craft ladies to show in their space. 9”x12”, but the way, on Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300 with Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen and Deleter tone sheet SE-2 (27.5 Lines, 20% Value).

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  • True Stance

    Nude Woman Illustration ink brush screentone

    I’m really happy with how this one turned out. This is another one that I took out of my sketchbook, blew it up, lightbox-ed it, then inked on 9”x12” Strathmore Bristol 300 Smooth with the Pentel Pigment Ink brush pen. The whole process took like 3.5 hours. After practicing pencil rendering these last couple of months, the immediacy of getting something done and to a level of skill I am used to so quickly feels like a warm blanket.

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