Nude Woman floating Illustration ink brush screentone

This one came together so so fast, it felt really great. Every step I thought I was going to fuck it up, because it was so quick, but it all just kinda worked besides one or two mishaps with inking, which that always happens. I’m finally getting a pretty consistent feel for what is going to be a series of pieces for a show. I’ve never done a series of art before, so this is pretty wild. Similar to comics in how visually it needs to look similar, but different.

We’ll see how it goes, or who will even take all these tiny little nude craft ladies to show in their space. 9”x12”, but the way, on Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300 with Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen and Deleter tone sheet SE-2 (27.5 Lines, 20% Value).