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  • Got Pain

    illustration of a slightly victorian dude

    I’m pretty sure that was a line in Yellowstone.

    Some asshole on a online art forum when I was 18 or 19 said I should stop pairing my drawings with words. I don’t think I ever truly stopped, but it did make me feel weird about pairing my work with words for a while. Fuck that guy.

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  • Victorian Bug

    illustration of a slightly victorian dude

    A little Victorian Bug since I started the new Bridgerton.

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  • Sassy Dracula

    illustration of a very sassy devilish dracula ish person

    This Dracula is Sassy. 🧛🏻‍♂️ Terminally Sassy. Maybe he has devil vibes. Who knows!

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  • Inked Sketches 4-29-24

    nude women and floating head sketches brushpen and ink

    It was an inking day yesterday. Those are fewer and farther between lately, mostly because I can only ink sitting at the drafting table and i am not enjoying sitting at the drafting table lately. Also I gotta sit like an asshole to get to the right position to make those lines i like.

    All done with the Pentel Pigment ink brushpen on Strathmore 400 drawing, with a lil bit of Gelly Roll whiteouts and screentone.

    Behind the cut is a head that I ripped out and isolated, and a version of the scan I did which is better than the photos than some, but the scan gets a little fuzzy up by the wire on the sketchbook.

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  • Madness

    illustration of a flimsy picture frame

    Another thing I did for work, we had a little bracket competition between different departments in the store, and we did some Garbage Pail Kids esque illustrations for them, I got to do our Thrift Store Side.

    This is the closest I’ve come to a series of spot illustrations since I was in college. I tried to keep it pretty consistent in feel, and I used more hard tipped brush pens in these than I’ve used in nearly anything else ever. I was reading a lot on Alex Toth the last few weeks which inspired to mess with those more than I ususally would (though he was more of a Flair pen guy).

    These were all quick, efficient (done before work!), and all lightbox inked which made for easy cleanup, just a little white out in spots.

    More after the cut.

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  • Mail Art Show

    illustration of a guy inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    We are having a Mail Art show at work and I figured I should have something in it. I had intended to actually send it through the mail but I didn’t make this until the day before the show, so I hand delivered it by courier (lol). It’s nothing super special but it’s the first piece I’ve made on a deadline in forever, and that felt really nice. Accomplishment.

    This sucker uses 60L tone, which I’m not too big a fan of but I bought it so I gotta use it at some point. I had been shaving a little bit a the beginning of this year, and I thought it’d be fun to put those toilet paper bandages on his face, I had to do that a bit while I was shaving. I’m done shaving for a bit now, personally.

    It’s also drawn on a envelope I bought at work, making it one of my only true works with reuse materials, go me.

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  • The Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 isn’t worth it

    Pencils in a row Blackwing 602 and a Pentel Black Polymer 999, both not worth it

    This was originally in my zine, Pencil Snob, but I thought it would be a good one to put on the site.

    I’m sure if you’ve heard of anything in pencils currently made that isn’t a Dixon Ticonderoga, you’ve heard about the Blackwing 602. There is a Blackwing 602 out now, but it is not the original Blackwing 602. Cal Cedar got the rights to produce a new pencil under the old name, but they don’t have the same lead formula, which was the most important part (though I will admit it is close enough).

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  • Rocco

    illustration of bloody guy inked with pentel brush pen screentone

    This is the first thing I’ve colored in a while (done in Affinity Photo 2). The colors changed the feel of the piece for sure. I liked it, thus why you are seeing it in color. Inked on Strathmore Drawing 400 Smooth paper. Just the proper ammount of tooth to smooth ratio, takes ink really well. I’ll include the pencils and the inks too below.

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