illustration of a flimsy picture frame

Another thing I did for work, we had a little bracket competition between different departments in the store, and we did some Garbage Pail Kids esque illustrations for them, I got to do our Thrift Store Side.

This is the closest I’ve come to a series of spot illustrations since I was in college. I tried to keep it pretty consistent in feel, and I used more hard tipped brush pens in these than I’ve used in nearly anything else ever. I was reading a lot on Alex Toth the last few weeks which inspired to mess with those more than I ususally would (though he was more of a Flair pen guy).

These were all quick, efficient (done before work!), and all lightbox inked which made for easy cleanup, just a little white out in spots.

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illustration of a person with a bull ring

illustration of a water bottle

illustration of a banned book

illustration of a clippy-esque frayed chord

illustration of a creature with a ugly sweater

illustration of a toe sticking out of a shoe

illustration of a off brand hand bag