illustration of a guy inked with pentel brush pen screentone

We are having a Mail Art show at work and I figured I should have something in it. I had intended to actually send it through the mail but I didn’t make this until the day before the show, so I hand delivered it by courier (lol). It’s nothing super special but it’s the first piece I’ve made on a deadline in forever, and that felt really nice. Accomplishment.

This sucker uses 60L tone, which I’m not too big a fan of but I bought it so I gotta use it at some point. I had been shaving a little bit a the beginning of this year, and I thought it’d be fun to put those toilet paper bandages on his face, I had to do that a bit while I was shaving. I’m done shaving for a bit now, personally.

It’s also drawn on a envelope I bought at work, making it one of my only true works with reuse materials, go me.