East Hill Tombstone White Brush Pen Uncapped

The East Hill Tombstone White Brush Pen (EAST HILL EH16-1) has been on my radar since I first saw it on Jet Pens a few months back. I don’t like most white-out pens because most are garbage. The gel pens usually are too ghostly to do anything ( I do love the Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen though, it’s a slight bit wide but it’s still great), and there have never been any white bristle brush pens as far as I know, until now. Also there looks like there are pretty much no reviews for it, so I figured I’d get one out there with some examples.

East Hill Tombstone White Brush Pen Close-up

When I first opened this pen up it took a little while longer than I expected to get the ink to fill the brush tip. The best way I’ve found thus far is to use centrifugal motion, aka, whip it around in a circle with the tip on the outside. Have the cap on if you do this, it will whip out “ink” (this is probably closer to some form of paint). As long as you do this, you’ll actually get some relatively good results.

Ink Test 1 on Strathmore Smooth Bristol 300

The more ghostly lines are done without the tip being slam full of ink at the tip (which you have to pump and whip it around to do). The thicker and whiter marks with the pumping and whipping to fill the brush tip. At first after you load up the tip, it will come out in quick and fast puddles, kind of like a Pentel Presto White Out correctional pen. But pretty quickly it gets to a good spot for a minute or two, and you’ll have to probably start the process again or you’ll get those ghostly lines.

It handled pretty uniformly over all the inks, it picked up more of the Platinum Carbon Ink than I would have liked, but other than that it did good actually. Line variation is there, the more full of paint it is, you might not get that real thin line, but it will still do a little thinner than the Uni Ball Signo, and that’s kinda what I was looking for.

Ink Test 2 on Strathmore Smooth Bristol 300

Above is another test, and to the right I used a Pentel Pigment Brush Pen on top of the white and it adhered pretty well. I was impressed on that (White Gouache can be bad about that at times even, and that’s what I normally use as white-out). The last test was I left it unused for about a week, and I came back and it was still juicy. I assumed it would have started to dry out, since most paint pens don’t stay wet that long, but this one did.

Paint Bubble coming out of the breather hole of the pen

The biggest cons I’ve seen with this Brush Pen thus far is that I haven’t seen any refills for it, so you’ll have to buy the whole unit when you run out of ink ($8.25-$8.50 is the price range I’m seeing), and it will bubble out ink while you are pushing on the cartridge, and if you aren’t careful a bit will come out and get on your fingers.

Overall, this pen is better than I thought it would be, though it still has issues. It gets 3 Zaffino Crazy Face Frank’s out of 5, mostly due to price.

3 Stars out of 5